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Sub Module 1C Life Cycle

The module below is compiled for Medical Education Programme FMBU:


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Intermezzo #3

If it is an evolutionary tree, where you placed?

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Intermezzo #2

It could be an explanation, why the professors are not always have a brilliant child or why we do not have many professors in the world.

Are you the one who inherit the recessive wizard gene? 😀

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Intermezzo #1

Can you tidy up as fast as DNA double helix did to become a chromosome?

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Human Genetics

This course material is intended for matriculation S2 midwifery program.

Basic Genetics

Genetic analysis (2)

Sex Determinant and Gametogenesis Read more…

Skeletal System


1. General Osteology

2. Specific Osteology (Trunk/Truncus)

Lecture materials:

1. General-Axial trunk skeleton_2012

2. Supplement Truncus_2012 Read more…

Practical Checklist Skeletal System

Genetic Analysis

Do You Personalized Medicine?

Have you ever felt not suitable or are allergic to certain medications? Or have you ever healed earlier by certain drugs than other people who take the same medicine? Sometimes, this occurs unexpectedly after we took certain medications.  Not recovered is better than getting an allergic reaction.  It implies personalized medicine. Though we all are human species, Homo sapiens, but genetically we are different in such gene sequence.  Like a barcode we found on products we bought, no two humans are genetically identical. Even monozygotic twins who are develop from one ovum and one sperm.  So, based on experience people should be smarter when choosing a medication as well as choosing a doctor who will write a prescription for them.

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Genetic Analysis Midwifery

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